Thermal Imaging

Are you looking for professional and high quality thermal imaging services for your home in Highland Park, Chicago, or Chicagoland? Our thermal imaging team can come to your home and give you a thorough thermal imaging inspection. Our thermal imaging inspection team will examine your home with an infrared camera, then they will analyze the data to detect various problems in your home that thermal imaging can uncover.

Thermal imaging uses infrared cameras to show temperature variations in the skin of your buildings. Temperature variations can be signs of troubles like insulation problems, air leakages, roof leaks, and more.

Why Choose Us for Your Thermal Imaging Services?

With the right people and the right equipment, you can be assured that our thermal imaging inspection services are carried out efficiently and accurately.

We have the right people – Our thermal imaging team are all well trained and they are experts at what they do. They leave no stones unturned when it comes to the thermal imaging inspection for your home, and if there are problems they will be sure to find them.

We have the right equipment – We have the right equipment and devices to carry out an effective thermal imaging inspection on your home.

Thermal Imaging and Insulation for Your Home

The main issue that thermal imaging can help you with in your home is with insulation. While there are many professional insulation companies out there, they don’t always do a perfect job, and even new homes can have insulation problems.

Thermal imaging can answer a range of questions when it comes to insulation for your home.

How effective is your home insulation? You only want the best insulation in your home that effectively insulates you from the heat and the cold. (Poor insulation can also affect air quality.) Temperature variations can be a sign that your insulation has problems, or isn’t working like it should.

Does your home need insulation? Thermal imaging can take a look at heat variations within your home, and determine whether you need insulation for your home or not.

Where should the insulation go? When installing new insulation in your home, you want to do it as efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible, without waste. Thermal imaging can determine exactly where the insulation should go in your home.

Thermal Imaging and Other Issues for Your Home

A thermal imaging inspection can also be used to find or detect other problems in your home. Such things can include roof leaks, air leakages, and the safety of the components in your electrical system.

Give us a call today if you’re interested in our thermal imaging services in the Chicago area.  Our thermal imaging inspection team will carry out a thorough inspection with the right equipment and answer all your questions.