Termite Inspection

When you’re planning to buy a new home the last thing you want is a home infested by termites. Termites can get right into the woodwork and furniture of your new home and do thousands of dollars’ worth of damage (which isn’t covered by many insurance companies). That’s why we offer you a termite inspection service where our local termite inspectors will give you a thorough inspection of both the inside and the outside of your home to check for termites. With our termite inspection services you can be sure that your new home will be free of termites

Why Choose Us?

When looking for a home termite inspection service, you want to find a company who is reliable and who can accurately determine whether your potential new home is infested by termites or not. We are a real estate termite inspection company, serving Highland Park, Chicago, and Chicagoland, who can offer you this because we have the right people and the right equipment.

We have the right people – We have a team of local termite inspectors who are experts at what they do, and possess a wealth of local termite knowledge. They are well trained to look for signs of possible termite infestation, and they know where the right places are to look.

We have the right equipment – Our team of local termite inspectors also carry the right equipment to carry out termite inspections on your potential home. If there are termites in the home, our home termite inspection team will be sure to find them.

It is these factors that make us the number one real estate termite inspection service that you can turn to. And indeed, many homebuyers have used our home termite inspection services to have an accurate termite inspection of their potential new home.

Termite Inspection Costs

You may think it would cost you a fortune to get your new home inspected by our local termite inspectors, but that isn’t the case. All of our termite inspection costs are reasonable, so it doesn’t cost you too much at all to give you peace of mind. As you know, termites can do thousands of dollars of damage to your home, so it is always a good investment to get your potential new home inspected. So now you can have peace of mind that your new home is free of termites, at a relatively low cost.

So are you ready to inspect your potential new home and save you possible trouble down the line? Give us a call today for a termite inspection consultation, and our local termite inspectors in the Chicago area will be happy to help you.