Home Inspections

Are you looking for a home inspection service in your area? We have just the home inspection service for you. We have a team of local home inspectors who work with precision and accuracy, and who can detect any problems or issues that you may have with your home. Our home inspection service can cover such factors as radon testing, thermal imaging, mold detection, termite inspections, or whatever else you need to be inspected. With our home inspection services, you can get a home inspected for purchase and rest assured that nothing will go undetected before purchasing.

Inspectors For Home Purchase

When you want to buy or sell a home, it’s important to know the true market value of the home. That way you can be assured that you’re not paying too much for your new home, or that you will get the money that you should for your old home. We have a team of inspectors for home purchase who can carry out a thorough inspection of the home to determine accurately how much it is worth. Many components make up a home inspection. Here is what we look at when our local home inspectors come to your Chicago area home.

  • Structural Components – Your home has to be structurally sound—plain and simple.
  • Electrical Components – Your outlets, wiring, and electrical fixtures will be visually examined by our licensed home inspectors.
  • Plumbing Components – While we cannot enter into your walls to examine every inch of your plumbing, what we can see will be scrutinized to ensure proper materials and connections throughout the home’s plumbing system.

Home Inspection Warranties

Most of our home inspection services come with a 90 day warranty. This warranty will includes a great deal, including the water lines and the sewer from your home to your street. So if it fails then we can help rectify things in a way that’s best for you.

Our mold inspections include a visual examination of areas that are prone to mold, and may also include air and surface samples to test for mold growth in unseen places. This inspection comes with a mold safe coverage. Additionally, we offer a 5 year roof warranty for your home should anything happen to it that should have been noticed during our inspection.

We believe that it is these generous warranties, along with our professional home inspection work, that makes us the only home inspectors to go to in Highland Park, Chicago, and Chicagoland. So if you find yourself asking “are there and certified home inspectors near me?” then we are the ones you can turn to.

Give Us A Call Today for our home inspection service. We have team of licensed home inspectors who are well trained and who will answer all your questions.